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Children born out of wedlock still have parents, obviously. Because the parents are not married does not mean the father is not without his rights to be involved in his children’s lives. The elements of timeshare, custody and child support mirror that of a divorcing couple. The one major difference is that a court must declare the father officially as the father in a court order to enforce his rights. He can also fight for custody, if need be. And equally, the mother is entitled to child support to help raise the children.

Having a father’s name on a birth certificate is not enough. He still needs that court order. Before that, he must register with The State of Florida Putative Father Registry as he starts his petition for adjudication of paternity.” By doing this, he is letting the public know that he has an interest in the minor child as his biological child. But a court still has to hear the evidence. The main piece would be a DNA test with tissue samples taken from the inside of the mouth of the father and child. Theses days, it is painless and relatively affordable.

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