Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Attorney Boca Raton, FL

Domestic violence is any act of abusive behavior, such as shoving, restraining, smacking or other physical events one related party to another. Related is meant to mean husband-wife, cohabitating girlfriend and boyfriend, a gay couple, and other various family members. Physical contact is not necessarily require. A reasonable and believable threat of physical violence such as threatening violence with a weapon or a threat combined with physical destruction of property. An experienced attorney can recognize what may qualify for a domestic violence injunction. He may be able to help you get an emergency temporary injunction until a full hearing before a judge. This would prohibit the offender from coming near or contacting you and remove him or her from the house if you are cohabitating.

Other types of injunctions are repeat violence injunctions, dating injunctions for people not living together, and stalking injunctions. You have to ask for the right one for a judge to approve. Again, a family law attorney would know.

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