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Alimony is a support payment from one former spouse to another. The are many factors the judge takes into consideration when determining if one former spouse should help the other when there is an ongoing divorce court action and after when the case is finished and the parties’ marriage is officially over with the entering of a final judgment of a dissolution of marriage.

Some of the court’s considerations are the length of the marriage, the role of each party during the course of the marriage, their working histories, each other’s need for help and the other’s ability to help. If one person does require alimony, how long and how much. The obligated spouse should know that he or she is not responsible for providing a savings account for the other. More currently, if a former spouse receiving alimony, is living with a paramour, that may be grounds for a modification of how much is paid. There many other factors to be considered.

Child support is strictly governed by the court. The State of Florida is concerned that children are financially cared for. The judge has a procedure for calculating child support based on each party’s income after the determination of alimony. It is based on this and the amount of time each parent will have with the minor children. There are many other factors involved and an experienced child support attorney knows how to calculate payments. Payments typically end when the minor child turns 18 years of age unless he or she turns that age during his or her last year of high school.

Family assets and liabilities are presumed to be distributed in equal shares from the start. But many factors may allow a judge to distribute the assets and debts differently. An example would be if a spouse uses premarital money as a downpayment on the marital home or inherited money during the course of a marriage. Again, seek the advice of an experienced child support attorney.

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