If you are contemplating divorce, you should protect your assets, cash, documents so that you can afford to live in the process or prevent the other side from absconding (stealing away and hiding) with marital assets that you may be entitled to. Transfer the bulk large joint bank accounts so that your spouse can’t deprive you of it. You’ll want to take or make copies of every financial document you can find in the house. From investment accounts to wills and trusts; credit card statements, etc. These may all help you at a divorce trial. This doesn’t mean hide it. You’ll need to disclose it thru your attorney. But if you’re the non-working spouse, you don’t want to be under the thumb of a vindictive person. Remove documents (titles, financial documents, passport, etc.) from the house. There are so many things to think about in preparation. There are many online articles but it is best to talk to your family law attorney for a full picture.

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