New Laws in Florida Divorce Child Custody and Alimony.

Over the past couple of years, new laws governing child visitation (now called “time share”) and alimony, have been put in place. Basically, the law is written to try and better provide for both parents to be involved with their children after divorce.

New rules in alimony are an attempt to give judges better guidelines when it is at issue in a Florida divorce. There are 3 basic types of support applicable short term(under 7 years), intermiediate term (under 17 years) and long term (over 17 years) marriages. Short term alimony is for two years only and not modifiable. Long term marriages are where permanent alimony may be available.

There are numerous issues regarding alimony and child support. You want an attorney who is familiar with those issues. Contact James S. Werter, LLC, in you are in the Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra Beaches area, St. Augustine or Palm Coast, if you are considering or undergoing a divorce. See my background .

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